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August 3, 2004 / kaigani

Problem with CMS designs

As I get closer and closer to building my own damn CMS — I’ve realised a flaw in how people usually build CMS’s.

I’ve realised this since Homebase actually, I’m surprised that 4 years later, the techies still haven’t changed their thinking.

The problem is that since CMS systems are conceived from a data-up perspective, things like section pages don’t actually exist. Section pages are created on the fly by tagged content.

Until now, I’ve taken for granted that section pages don’t exist — but why? When you are designing a site — you think about the section page — it’s concept-down thinking.

True – section pages are meta-information, organisational data — but most of what we use to make sense of the world is meta-information…

anyhow… will someone just build a sensible CMS so I can get on with my life?

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