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April 16, 2005 / kaigani

The future is A.L.I.C.E. ?

I discovered ALICE some time ago.

Programmed by Dr. Richard S. Wallace, the chat impresses at first, but looking at the code, I was disappointed that there is very little intelligence at all.

ALICE consists of a series of programmed responses. Her ‘intelligence’ is due to the sheer volume of responses programmed by her ‘botmaster’, Dr. Wallace.

It makes me think of Max Headroom, where people created digital self-simulations — limited to a number of responses. Or, more recently, I Robot, where the dead scientist replies “I’m limited to a number of set responses.”

Perhaps their is a future in this, although I hesistate to call it ‘artificial intelligence’ because the bot will not exceed the limitations of its programming in this manner of coding. It cannot self-evolve, or learn autonomously.

However, I’d like a digital Kai that could react to all questions as I would (at least at this point in time) — too bad it’s not easier to program at the moment.

Lazyweb, anyone?

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