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May 25, 2005 / kaigani

Annoying Thing (Crazy Frog)

The Crazy Frog is an amazing (albeit irritating) example of viral marketing, and the changing nature of business…

There was an article in the papers over the weekend about how it originated when a 15-yr old Swedish kid imitated the sound of a scooter and sent it around to his friends. Another Swedish CG animator took it and made a character. It was incorporated into an “insanity test” questionnaire which created a buzz on the internet.

A couple of years later, some middle-manager at a ringtone company picked up on it, pitched it to his bosses, the company bought the rights, and the company has gone on to make millions in profit.

In short, what would have been a joke cassette tape with an audience of about 5 in the pre-internet days, can now irritate millions worldwide through the power of modern technology.

Ah joy.

(the original guys — who, by the way, apologised for monster they’ve unleashed – can be found at: )

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