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February 25, 2006 / kaigani

Search Engine Zen

When rummaging through the referral links to find out how people come to this blog, I occasionally find a few oddball searches. Although since they linked to me, I don’t know who that makes the oddball, me or the searcher. Here are a few:

Adopt-a-monkey day
Surely, if there isn’t one already, there should be. Greeting card companies invent holidays all the time. They’ve missed out a niche in the British market with this — and possibly a day celebrating the Jedi Winter Solstice.

When did curling become an Olympic event?
It seems people agree with my post about Curling being a load of rubbish.

I Hate Google
Ah, the irony — a Google search about hating Google. Just for the record, I never said I hate Google. I love Google.

I Ching 3D Sphere
Finally, this bizarre French language search. I have no idea what an I Ching 3D Sphere is, but if I did — I bet I’d be a lot wiser.

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