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July 4, 2006 / kaigani

My PC – In Pieces

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My PC – RIP, originally uploaded by kaioshin.

Upon finding out that my PC would cost over 500.00 GBP to replace the motherboard — I decided to take it apart and see what I can salvage or reuse.

Unfortunately, this is one extended lesson in why you shouldn’t buy an all-in-one machine. The hard drive should plug into any machine, but I can’t make heads or tails of anything else.

I’ve got a lovely 17″ widescreen monitor with speakers and I can’t use it. And all the special media features like TV-in and A/V-in are attached to the motherboard so I can’t just pull out a card and plug it into a new machine.

I have an idea that I could plug the front part (shown here) into a new machine, and that would salvage my monitor, speakers and DVD reader/writer — but it will mean I’ll have to figure out how to attach all these little wires, and there’s no instruction booklet.

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