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January 13, 2009 / kaigani

Twitter has an image problem

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[reposted from a comment submitted to a Telegraph article, Twittering is for Twits]

Twitter has an image problem.

This is clear from this article, where Bryony [Gordon] voices many of the common misconceptions about the service.

People think it is about *broadcasting* your life’s minutiae.

Not true. Twitter is about *listening* to what other people have to say, and, when appropriate, joining in the conversation.

For an online journalist to say she ignores Twitter, is a bit like a political journalist saying she has no time to listen to what the MPs are ‘blathering on about’ in Parliament.

It’s conversation, plain and simple. You can participate, or you can plug your ears and let people talk around you instead of with you.

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  1. TheLukas / Mar 25 2009 1:25 pm

    Very well put.
    A lot of people i know just don’t seem to get it.
    They make a whole load of assumptions about who should twitter, and why they should, while completely missing the point.
    A friend told me the other day that they didn’t use twitter because they weren’t vain and didn’t have a sense of self importance.

    As Dan Patterson says, “If google is the path of least resistance for information, Twitter is the path of least resistance for people”

    If you aren’t “getting” twitter, you’re already losing.

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