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January 21, 2010 / kaigani

Daily post – London can own perspective

From Evernote:

Daily post – London can own perspective

I had a good conversation with Nick Smith (@nickwsmith) at DrinkTank.

My assertion has always been that London possesses a unique dynamic that can’t be found in the States and it holds the potential to become the next leading Tech centre after Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley.  The reason I believe this is due to what I call "the London effect" on new web services which originate outside of the UK but experience explosive growth once they arrive in London due to the fact that you have such a concentrated, social and diverse community.  We’ve seen this with Facebook, Twitter and now Foursquare.

Nick mentioned PEG’s blog post on the difference between Posterous and Tumblr being products of California and New York respectively.  Silicon valley being the heart of engineering brilliance, while New York has always had more focus on design, marketing and high-gloss visual identities.

Nick concluded succinctly: "Silicon valley owns technology, New York owns design – London can own perspective"



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