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June 25, 2010 / kaigani

Dear Yellow Pages, we have a thing called ‘the Internet’ …



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  1. kenc / Jun 29 2010 4:13 pm

    Dear Preposterous:and how do you think all of that stuff you are looking at on Internet got their?? Do you really think every small business owner knows how to marketing themselves on the web? Not! The Yellow Page industry is the only group working with these businesses to help them with an integrated program in print and on the web that will give them the exposure they need to grow their business

  2. David / Jul 12 2010 8:18 am

    Err, kenc, in my experiences with Yellow Pages, “working with” means “taking the money of”. Yellow Pages advertising is expensive and, in my view, simply obsolete.

  3. kenc / Jul 12 2010 1:14 pm

    Not sure David on how you are measuring “expensive” — per lead, total dollars spent, etc. In absoulte dollars, TV advertising is expensive. But in ROI calculations, YP consistently beats other media. It is the media people turn to when they are ready to make their local buying decision.Your view that YP advertising is “obsolete” is disappointing as you are apparently wiling to give up a major share of the market to a competitor. Now if your experience with YP has been good, are you sure it wasn’t your ad copy, design, or even placement position????

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