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November 30, 2010 / kaigani

Prediction: Augmented Vision – hardware-free


It occurred to me that, within our lifetime, we’re going to see a means of putting an augmented graphical layer over our natural vision without any obvious hardware.

We already have the technology for putting it in glasses, visors, etc.  I’m not talking about that.  I’m talking about an unobtrusive means of affecting our vision in this manner.


I’d imagine it could be used with a wearable computing device or something similar.  Not nearly as clumsy as the one shown above, it will probably resemble jewelry, since all of the UI will be contained in the augmented vision layer.

Exactly how it would work- I don’t know.  Maybe it’s light based, or maybe we’ll have such an understanding of the human body that we can safely send signals to our optical nerve. (Although that suggests some dystopian scenarios as well).

I do, however, believe that this will happen, and it will be the most common form of human-computer interaction for either our kids or our grandkids. 

Further reading

Technology from Caprica is already here

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