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June 29, 2011 / kaigani

What is this font? (from the Starbucks ads)


June 25, 2011 / kaigani



June 25, 2011 / kaigani

ILOVEDOODLE – doodling a smile


June 23, 2011 / kaigani

Oh look, it’s a new homepage –


Scrapped the other idea, which involved illustration, and went with this one instead.

June 21, 2011 / kaigani

Design concept for a top seekrit project –


There are clear influences from three of my previous projects.  Funny how that happens.

June 12, 2011 / kaigani

Another day, another sketch for a homepage–


The squiggles are a placeholder for something amazing, of course.

I’ve got lots of projects coming to fruition this year and it’s made me re-evaluate my digital footprint, and my personal branding (which is important when freelancing).

I’ve never really been happy with my personal homepage in terms of what message I’m trying to communicate.  This sketch comes the closer to what I have in mind.

June 12, 2011 / kaigani

Dieter Rams 10 principles of good design, could equally be applied to good UX –

Good design is innovative.
Good design makes a product useful.
Good design is aesthetic.
Good design makes a product understandable.
Good design is unobtrusive.
Good design is honest.
Good design is long-lasting.
Good design is thorough down to the last detail.
Good design is environmentally friendly.
Good design is as little design as possible.

Copyright Dieter Rams, amended March 2003 and October 2009 via

June 7, 2011 / kaigani

Surprisingly honest messaging from 02 –


June 7, 2011 / kaigani

Business cards for @helenkennedy1, sent off last night as a rush Moo job –


June 6, 2011 / kaigani

Developing the new @FreelanceFri logo –

I started with this concept, based on the design guidelines I’d developed for the evolving Freelance Friday logo. This is a small version for the avatars on Twitter, Meetup and Facebook as well as a full version for Flyers, etc. 

@TimWhitlock wasn’t too keen on placing an emphasis on the ‘5’ over the ‘FF’ – so I made a new ‘FF’ based on the ‘5’.  I wasn’t happy with the letterform for ‘F’ used in this typeface (Archer), so ended up doing the type from scratch using the angles of the ‘5’.  Resulting in this:

With some variations.  However, now that I’ve made the logo more complex, the extra furniture on the avatar looks messy, so I took those elements out and just left the primary logo with some halo-ing effects.